Hello, I’m Oleg.
A Lead Product Designer currently working for Personio. Previously at trivago.

Personio Payroll

Screenshot of the dashboard from Personio HR SaaS

Role: Lead Product Designer
Year: 2021

Current position
Helping the design team to revolutionize Payroll at Personio. We build a leading HR software for small and medium-sized companies in Europe.

Project Coming Soon

Native App for trivago

trivago native app cover for the case study

Role: Lead Product Designer
Year: 2018

One of the biggest projects I tackled at trivago from a timeline and scope point of view. With this redesign we decide to reimagine the whole product. The main goal was to provide a great experience to travellers and add more value depth to trivago's business model.

Deals on trivago

trivago deals case study cover image

Role: Senior Product Designer
Year: 2019

The company business model is to give users confidence in making the most informed decision about prices. As a designer I helped tackle this with the dedicated web team during various initiatives and projects. The goal was to highlight best rates and help compare meaningful trivago deals.

Foyl - iOS and Android app

Foyl fortnite app case study cover image

Role: Maker
Year: 2020

Made and launched with a technical co-founder an app that shows cosmetics, news and leaks for Fortnite. Learned about launching a digital product beyond the design aspect: planning, growth, analytics, marketing, revenue management, etc.

Check it on Getfoyl.com

Project Coming Soon

Various Shots